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Download Rokkr Bundle and get the best TV and movie training. Latest version available for Android smartphone, Smart TV, TV Box, Tablets, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and PC Windows and Mac. 

✍️   HUHU.TO 

✍️  OHA.TO

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Url List Rokkr Password

Load list in Rokkr Bundle

Step 1

Open the Rokkr application and then add the  Playlist URL Code: HUHU.TO and click on Navigate

Step 2

Finally, you will be able to access their RokkrTV platform and enjoy their TV and movie content. 

Alternatives to Rokkr App

These are some of the alternatives to RokkrTV where you can watch similar content and even a little better. They are free and available for Android smartphones. 

Rokkr for Windows and Mac

This application is considered one of the best because it has an official version for Windows and Mac, this means that you can use it on computers and laptops without paying a subscription.Now with this news you can download Rokkr on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Using this app on PC is very simple so much so that it is not necessary to have previous knowledge.

Rokkr for Smart TV

How to download Rokkr on TV ? This is the big question that many people ask themselves every day and the answer is that YES it works on Smart Tv with Android. The mobile version is optimized for Android TV.You can install RokkrTV on Android TVs and have free entertainment 24 hours a day. Its video quality is HD and SD, this depends a lot on the internet.

Rokkr for TV Box

Por defecto la Caja Box cuenta con sistema operativo Android que permite alojar apps como RokkrTV en su interfaz. Una vez instalada la app en tu TV box podrás ver TV en señal abierta.

Rokkr App for iPHONE

Many are already looking to download Rokkr on IOS (Iphone, ipod, ipad) but it is impossible to install on these devices as it only works on Android. Now you can only take advantage of it on smartphones but it is not available for Apple devices. Does not work in IOS6, IO7, IOS8, IOS9, IOS10, IOS11, IOS12.

Rokkr for Firesticks

RokkrTV works on Fire TV with version 5.0 or later. Free app to use on Fire Stick and watch TV online 24 hours a day. Easy to use and much better if you use a wireless mini keyboard. Use in MECOOL KM3, , T95 S1 Android TV Box, Khadas VIM3, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, T95 MAX, Amazon Fire TV Stick, BQEEL Android, Beelink GT King, SUNNZO X96 mini, Alfawise H96 Pro+, Q+ Smart Box y demas.

Rokkr for Chromecast

This new version does not have the Chromecast option integrated so you will not be able to send content to your Smart Tv. With the next version hopefully it will have Chromecast integrated.

Rokkr aplicación

Download Rokkr Apk

Use on Android phones with version 5.o or later. Available for Android brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, MotoG, Blackberry, HTC and others.

Rokkr Rokkr Latest version

Download Rokkr for Linux

Rokkr Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rokkr ?

One of the best entertainment applications where you can watch online TV channels with internet. You can install it anywhere in the world.

How to use Rokkr ?

It is an app where you can watch movie content, TV series in HD quality. It has a section where you can watch online TV from different European countries.

Does Rokkr work in Germany?

It has signals from Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Thailand, USA and others.

Rokkr Problems / Solution

Rokkr code does not work: Nowadays the key works in all countries but if it changes you just have to go back to the web site and we will have the updated URL here. Some channels do not play: This is because they are under maintenance. Wait a few minutes. RokkrTV does not open: Clear cache and application data.

How to install Rokkr on Windows ?

It is optimized for use on Windows computer and Mac Notebook (Imac and macbook PRO). Enjoy the best content on your PC without limits and watch live TV for free.

rokkr legal ?

Our website, in its entirety and in parts, is legally protected. The content and files on our website, in particular, are protected by national copyright laws and relevant international agreements worldwide. The same applies to the information, words, tables, graphics, photos and video sequences chosen and arranged.